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Get right now many FIFA coins and points to your account in FIFA 14,FIFA 15 or FIFA 16. You can get up to 650,000,000 Coins and many points everyday.

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    Thanks God i just now received 2,500,000 Coins to my account! Thank you!

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    One of my good friends gave me this site and for first i thought that this is some kind of joke :D but then i used it and this really worked, i received 500 Millions coins to my FIFA 16 account :) ! Love it! <3

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    Thank you very much i received 430 Million coins to my account easy! Yeah this is awesome..

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    bySankah Officiel

    Great share! I used it and got 120,000,000 coins and 100,000 Points to my account in just 5 minutes...

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    Hell yea this is just awesome i love it! Very nice place to get some free coins!

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    thank you for Coins 250,650,000, i got them to my FIFA 16 on Xbox One !

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    Lui Calibre

    Haha! For first i thought that this will not work but then i tried it and it really worked for me to! I suggest this awesome site for everybody who wants to get right now unlimited Coins to every FIFA game easy!

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    Very nice place to get some good amount of coins! Thank you so much for this awesome chance!

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    I just now used it on my FIFA 15 PS4 and it worked very good for me, i received 189,500,000 Coins :D This is crazy yeaaah!!!

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    Johny Moe

    OMG this really works on FIFA 15, But i have to tried it on FIFA 16 and there it too worked, i will post a photo of FIFA 16 later :) Thank you!

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    Michael Jeronymo

    Nice place to get unlimited coins easy! Thank you so much FIFA!

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    Thank you very much for the free fifa coins!!!

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